5 Tips to make your weight loss goal a reality

Now that you have established your GREAT weight loss goal as detailed in my last blog you must be feeling very excited and waiting for that specific date that you have set yourself when you will become your ideal weight. So, all you need to do is sit back and watch your body transform…. Right? If only it was that easy. Ask yourself, if it was that easy would you feel the same level of satisfaction after achieving your goal weight? I’m not going to proclaim that reaching and maintaining your ideal weight will be easy. Let’s face it, if it was easy you would be your ideal weight right now. What I will suggest, is there will be times where you will be challenged. There will be times when it will seem hard. There may also be times when those little voices in your head tell you to throw it all in because it’s not worth it.

If you are serious about achieving your weight loss goal here are 5 key tips to assist you to remaining accountable to the goal you have set for yourself.

  1. Tell all your friends about your goal. And I mean ALL of your friends. This includes family members, Facebook friends, and even people that you meet for the first time. Why? Who would you be accountable to if your goal was to lose 20 kg in one year and didn’t tell anybody? One person, yourself. If you told your friends and family what your goal was and how committed you are to losing the weight would this make you more accountable? Absolutely. Nobody likes to fail, by telling everyone about your goal you will not only get support from them, but you will also have a much higher level of accountability. Want to take it one step higher, suggest some ways and options that your family and friends can assist you to remain accountable (such as exercising together and preparing healthy food together).
  2. Be your ideal weight now. when you go to bed each night, put on some relaxing soft music. this music should inspire you and help you drift off to sleep. Now, this is the important part, whilst you are listening, close your eyes and take yourself into the future and step right into your goal, so that you are looking through your own eyes in your new beautiful body. Whilst you are there, emphasise all the positive feelings that you have associated with being your ideal weight. Highlight all the feelings, sounds, and sites that you will be associated with in your future self. Make this picture as compelling as you can. Turn and look back towards the past and notice that everything that has to happen in order for you to achieve your goal is starting to unfold and change. Discuss to yourself all the positive affirmations that you are prepared to undertake. Become crystal clear on the type of healthy foods it will require for you to reach your goal. set and intention on what kind of exercise regime you are prepared to commit to. This is guided visualisation should only take around 5 to 10 min. If you are serious about achieving your goal then do this EVERY night.
  3. Place your goal everywhere. When you have written your goal, place it up in key locations in your house and at work. One of the quickest ways to make your goal unsuccessful, is to write it, then file it. If you have a picture of yourself, perhaps when you were younger at your ideal weight, then add that photo to your goal page. I often suggest people place their goal page somewhere where they can see it as soon as they wake up in the morning, I then suggest they read it, and set an intention for the day that will help them get closer to their goal. You should be reading your goal a minimum of twice a day (when you get up and before you go to bed). Other great places to put your goal up are on the fridge, the pantry, the bathroom mirror, and on the TV cabinet.
  4. Have fun. have fun and enjoy the ride. Achieving your goal should not be a chore. When it comes to weight loss, I would suggest that it is the most rewarding feeling of achieving something that you have set out to do and remained accountable every step of the way. If you want to make your weight loss journey one of the most profound experiences of your life then you need to enjoy the process. enjoy the experiences of eating whole nutritious foods. Enjoy the benefits that a healthy exercise will give you (not only weight loss benefits, but also fantastic health and well-being benefits). And most importantly, enjoy and love the person that you are becoming.
  5. Take action. It’s all well and good having goals and telling yourself that you would love to lose 20 kg in one year. The reality is, taking action is the only thing that will provide you with forward momentum towards achieving your goal. Super tip number 5 is the only way to become accountable. Without action, tips 1 to 4 will only be thoughts. Set intentions. How? Every morning when you wake up, sets intentions for the day. Perhaps you will choose that all the food that you choose to eat that day will have a positive impact on your health. In the evening before you go to bed set an intention to get up at 6 AM and exercise for 30 or 40 min. Setting intentions will lead to action and therefore model your behaviour that will inevitably assist you to achieve your goal.

Accountability is the key. You choose the foods you put in your mouth. You choose if you exercise or not. Nobody else is responsible for achieving results except yourself. Habits are formed in around 21 to 30 days. Following the five steps above will help you form positive habits and behaviours towards your weight loss goals.


Mat Skate
Weight to Life Coaching and Fitness
Accredited Professional Coach & Fitness Trainer
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About Resultz Gym

Hi, and welcome. My name is Mat Skate, I am an ex-Army (Australian) physical trainer and after 20 years in the ADF I decided to transfer all the skills I had learned and offer those to the people outside of Defence. I fell in love with a fit and healthy lifestyle after a colleague of mine introduced me to distance running. Eight months later I found myself lining up to compete in my first marathon in Melbourne 2002. Since then, I have been fortunate to win the 2004 Adelaide marathon and today I am a former Queensland marathon and half marathon champion. I appreciate what a fit and healthy lifestyle offers me and how it helps assist me become a better parent and husband to my family. I am also acutely aware that it doesn't come so easily for others which is why I take a very supportive approach to assisting others reach their health and fitness goals. This does not mean I'm a pushover it simply means you will not get the screaming drill sergeant when you turn up to my gym to create a better and healthier version of yourself (I can put that hat on if it works for you though) At Resultz Gym with created an extremely supportive environment and welcoming culture. We pride ourselves on offering as much support as possible to every member we have. I am married to my beautiful wife Alison of almost 20 years and have two adorable teenage girls. We have certainly had our share of breaking down barriers in life. We had a failed business around 10 years ago that cost us around a quarter of a million dollars and as a result lost our house. We could have chosen to wallow in pity, but instead chose to take massive action and rebuild to where we are today. For me, life is an adventure and I want to experience as much as possible as well as assisting others do the same.

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